• Why iOS App Development is Looking Good Right Now

    Why iOS App Development is Looking Good Right Now

    In the early days of smartphone app development, there used to be plenty of different mobile operating systems. There is the Windows Mobile used in many windows phones (and Nokia phones as well). There is the Blackberry OS that did offer some amazing apps, but has never really taken a good chunk of the market share.

    The previous two operating systems weren’t really that successful, probably because of the lack of features and integration to a lot of smartphones in the market.

    Today, we are limited to only two operating systems: Android and iOS. The former is developed by Google while the latter is created by Apple.

    Many mobile app developers aspire to become full Android developers because it has taken over the lion’s share of the market. However, do not underestimate the iOS ecosystem as there are more paying customers on Apple compared to Google’s mobile operating system (at least, that is what the surveys say).

    Today, I am going to talk about why iOS app development is looking good right now and why developers might want to create iOS apps in the near future.

    1. Here Comes the SWIFT

    swift developer

    As you know by now, developers would have to use programming languages to create the code that applications would require to run. Java is one of the main programming languages used in Android app development and for the most part, it is okay. It is not that hard but it is definitely not that easy either.

    Apple just introduced their new mobile operating system language known as SWIFT and it aims to make the developers’ time easy by giving them a low-code platform that allows them to churn out apps in a much faster and more streamlined basis.

    1. Better Emulators

    One of the most widely used developer tools is the emulator. iOS provides some pretty good emulators in their development framework. They are fast and they also offer good debugging features that would make the developers’ lives easier.

    1. Less Time to Develop

    App developing

    It is a fact that Android app development takes a long time thanks to the less streamlined developer framework as well as the lack of quality emulators.

    Because of this, development time is significantly higher than creating iOS mobile apps. In iOS app development, it requires developers to use a low-code codebase and some of the codes are even auto-generated as well.

    1. XCode

    XCode is Apple’s answer to the Android Software Development Kit. This is the development framework that contains different platform tools that the developers can use to create iOS applications.

    This platform toolkit is leaps and bounds better in terms of performance and therefore, is far superior to what Google is offering to the developers.

    1. Significantly Less Fragmentation

    Because iOS apps are only able to run on Apple’s own smartphones and portable devices, there is significantly less fragmentation across the board.

    1. Higher Revenue

    People who buy Apple’s products are on the middle-class or rich people demographic which means that they will not hesitate to pay for an application so long as it has amazing features.

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