Can Casinos Rig A Game of Roulette?

Anyone that has ever managed to play roulette, online or in a real casino, has stopped to wonder if roulette games were often manipulated or not. The explanation is more complex than previously thought, yes or no, because roulette wheels practically haven’t really sabotaged in one way. But in a different sense all the wheels of roulette are rigged with the exception of online roulette since they mostly use digitized wheels. The distinction is based on whether you’ve thought what is actually rigged.

Can the balls be controlled?

For every legal or approved casino, the wheels are tested to ensure that they are properly balanced correctly. This is primarily for the customers ‘safety but it is also in the casinos’ best interest. Sabotaged games are really a quite certain way of getting a negative reputation and of losing clients. At internet casinos, too, this type of checking happens. But most online gambling venues use a random number generator program rather than a roulette wheel itself. (Live casino dealers are something else.) Online casinos depend far more on a reputation for fairness than land based casinos. People are already accustomed to playing gambling games in places such as Las Vegas, but they still feel worried about playing online. In any case casinos have no particular reason to rig their roulette games physically. It’s because, in such a context, the simple arithmetic and behind the match already manipulated the game in favor of the casino.

The House Edge is Technically Rigging

Almost every casino game has a statistical advantage towards the casino than the player. They can’t even rig the fixed roulette wheels to make other numbers appear more often than others. They neither rig their decks in blackjack, nor use loaded dice in craps. We basically offer payouts on their bets, which give better chances than winning chances. Mathematically, a certain percentage of every bet on nearly any casino game in the long run is expected to win the casino. This percentage is known as the house edge. So yes, it is mathematically rigged, not by any action on the part of the dealer or the casino itself.

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